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Keeping Hackathon Events on Track with TimeTil

November 4, 2023 | 3 minute read

Hackathons are fast-paced, energy-packed events where innovation and creativity thrive. With a room full of tech enthusiasts, developers, and designers working against the clock to bring their ideas to life, managing the event's flow is critical. The last thing you'd want is for participants to miss important announcements, deadlines, or event segments. Sure, there are multiple ways to keep everyone informed, but let's see which methods can truly rise to the hackathon challenge.

  1. Printed Hand-Outs: Print out schedules of the event timeline with important moments such as deadlines for hack submissions or team formation.

  2. Mobile Notifications: Consider launching a dedicated event app that sends push notifications to participants. This way, attendees can receive timely updates about judging rounds, presentation slots, or any changes in the schedule.

  3. Event Staff: Having event staff in easily identifiable attire can help. They roam around, ensuring participants are aware of the schedule, answer queries, and remind teams about upcoming segments or submission deadlines.

  4. Loudspeaker Announcements: Regular announcements over a PA system can keep everyone updated. However, the noise and activity during hackathons might make it challenging to catch every word.

  5. Slack Channels or Messaging Groups: Creating a dedicated communication channel for the event can be effective. Here, organizers can post updates, and attendees can ask questions. It's digital and direct but requires everyone to join and regularly check the channel.

While each method mentioned above has its benefits, there's always the risk of some information getting lost in the hustle and bustle of the hackathon. This is where TimeTil steps into the spotlight, offering a seamless, automated, and attention-grabbing solution.

Introducing TimeTil for Hackathons
TimeTil's web app is the perfect tool to guide participants through the hectic schedule of a hackathon. Set your event's key moments, from the initial brainstorming phase to the final presentation deadline, and let TimeTil do the rest. With its clean, minimalistic display, participants can quickly glance at a screen and know exactly how much time they have left for a particular segment.

Imagine the final hours of coding. Amidst the frantic typing and last-minute debugging, a screen displays, "Submission Deadline in 32 minutes," accompanied by a soft yet noticeable sound as the countdown hits crucial intervals. It serves as both a reminder and a motivator, ensuring no team misses out due to lost track of time.

Automation: No more manual reminders. Set the hackathon's schedule, and TimeTil keeps the countdown running smoothly.

Audible Alerts: Sounds at each countdown end ensure that key moments don't go unnoticed. Perfect for moments like the segment transitions.

User-Friendly: Easy setup ensures event organizers can get TimeTil up and running in no time.

Adaptability: Whether it's a 24-hour marathon or a week-long event, TimeTil's repeating or one-time events got you covered.

Harnessing the capabilities of TimeTil can help ensure your hackathon runs smoothly and participants stay informed every step of the way. Here's to more productive and efficient hackathons!


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