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Running Group Class Schedules Smoothly at Fitness Centers

November 2, 2023 | 3 minute read

A consistent fitness routine is paramount for many individuals. With the rise in popularity of group classes, from Yoga to CrossFit, fitness centers face the challenge of ensuring their members are well-informed about class timings. After all, there's nothing more frustrating than missing the start of your favorite Pilates class because you lost track of time. While traditional methods like printed timetables and announcements have their place, there's room for a more dynamic and automated solution.

  1. Posted Schedules: Place print-outs at prominent spots in the gym, listing the day's classes, timings, and instructors.

  2. Dedicated Class Hosts: Assign hosts to manage the flow between classes, ensuring equipment is set up and the space is ready.

  3. Public Address Announcements: Use a PA system to announce upcoming classes, giving members a heads-up to finish their current activity and head to the class.

  4. SMS or Push Alerts: Send out reminders to members about their booked classes or inform them about any changes in the schedule.

While these methods offer varied solutions to the scheduling challenge, integrating a seamless, visual, and real-time system can enhance the member experience even further. This is where TimeTil enters the scene.

TimeTil for Fitness Centers and Gyms
TimeTil offers an efficient way to keep members in the loop about upcoming group classes. With a clear countdown displayed prominently, members can gauge how long they have before their next class, allowing for better time management.

Picture this: after an intense treadmill session, you glance at a nearby screen, which reads "Yoga with Alex starts in 10 minutes." This simple, yet effective visual cue gives you ample time to hydrate, grab your mat, and secure a spot in the studio.

Automation: Input the week's class schedule once, and let TimeTil manage the countdowns and transitions.

Audible Alerts: Sounds at the end of each countdown indicate the start or end of classes, ensuring everyone is synced up.

Simplicity: The intuitive setup means gym staff can have it up and running swiftly.

Versatility: Whether it's a boutique yoga studio or a large-scale fitness center, TimeTil adapts effortlessly.

With TimeTil integrated into your fitness center's system, members will appreciate the enhanced communication, leading to higher satisfaction and retention. Stay ahead of the curve and transform your gym's class experience.


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