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Streamlining Corporate Training Seminars with TimeTil

November 3, 2023 | 3 minute read

Corporate training seminars are essential for business growth and employee development. Whether it's onboarding new hires, updating staff on company policies, or introducing advanced skill sets, an organized schedule is key. With multiple sessions, breakout groups, and potential guest speakers, it's imperative to keep attendees on track and engaged. Traditional methods have their merits, but let's explore some contemporary solutions to elevate the seminar experience.

  1. Printed Agendas: Provide hand-outs that have the day's agenda. Attendees can refer to these for session timings, room allocations, and speaker details but once printed are hard to change.

  2. Mobile Event Apps: Consider creating a dedicated app for the seminar. Participants can view the schedule, set reminders, and even interact through polls or Q&A segments.

  3. Seminar Hosts: Have hosts or facilitators who can guide attendees, announce the start of sessions, and facilitate smooth transitions between segments.

  4. Email or SMS Alerts: Send out real-time notifications to attendees about upcoming sessions or changes in the schedule.

Each method provides a unique approach to managing seminar schedules. However, the need for a centralized, visual, and automated solution is evident. Enter TimeTil, your seminar's new best friend.

Introducing TimeTil for Corporate Training Seminars
TimeTil offers a clear and effective way to manage your corporate seminar's intricate schedule. By displaying a real-time countdown for each session, attendees are always aware of what's coming up next, and presenters know exactly how much time they have left.

Imagine a breakout session nearing its end. As participants brainstorm, a screen nearby shows "Q&A Session starts in 14 minutes." This clear visual cue helps wrap up discussions and prepares everyone for the next segment.

Automation: Set the day's schedule once and let TimeTil handle the transitions and countdowns.

Audible Alerts: Sounds announce the end of sessions or imminent starts, aiding smooth transitions.

Ease of Use: A straightforward setup ensures event coordinators can get it running without a hitch.

Adaptability: From single-day seminars to week-long training events, TimeTil is versatile enough to cater to all.

With TimeTil by your side, corporate training seminars become a seamless experience, ensuring maximum engagement and information retention. Elevate your next seminar and witness the difference firsthand.


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